Will Grief for Laughs


Most people will agree that griefers are just something that must be endured if you want to enjoy a multiplayer game. But have you ever tried talking to one?

We’ve all run into our fair share of griefers – from corpse camping to World of Warcraft, to level 60’s killing level 10 noobs, griefers have been around for as long as there have been multiplayer games. But have you ever talked to one, tried to get in their head and figure out what makes them tick? Shannon Drake, in Jerk on the Internet is a griefer specializing in Team Kills in Counter-Strike. If you ask him what makes his day, he’ll reply with:

“Dropping a grenade into my team’s spawn isn’t particularly funny, but doing it while blasting “Banana Phone” turned griefing into a multimedia art form. It also increased my urges to screw with people. Angry chat messages just don’t hold the thrill of listening to a guy’s voice getting higher and higher, quivering with righteous indignation, threatening my mother and myself. I will keep pushing until I get kicked or until I hit tears, tears of pure comedic gold.”

I have to admit that hearing “Banana Phone” is always a cause for a giggle, but then again, I’m not into shooters. Read more about the griefer mindset in Jerk on the Internet and discuss the finer points of griefing.

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