Will Wright Inks TV Deal With Science Channel


Will Wright has signed on for his second television deal in less than a month.

The creator of many popular videogames, from Sim City to Spore, is now going to be developing a new television show for the Science Channel. The show is different from his other television deal, The Creation Project, where fans are said to create the show’s storylines.

Wright’s Science Channel series will not be quite as interactive, but is planned to have an interactive component and online tie-ins. It’ll cover topics like time travel, the future, parallel worlds, and why people drive on a parkway and park on a driveway.

The Science Channel is trying to get away from purely science-based programming and to expand into the world of creativity. It went to the right man in Will Wright, who is often considered one of the most creative minds in the videogame industry.

“Gaming is a rich and compelling way to tell a great story,” Wright said. “I am so excited to bring that mind-set to TV projects.” Fans of Will Wright may have a new way to fill their DVRs in the near future.

Source: Hollywood Reporter via Gamasutra

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