This Kickstarter gives you the chance to be one of the inmates at Hanwell Mental Institute.

Argentinean developer Senscape has gone from being Greenlit on Steam – the first Argentinean team to get the Steam community’s blessing – to hosting its own Kickstarter, all to make its Asylum nightmare come true. Take a look at the trailer, and ask yourself: would you like to be locked up at Hanwell?

Because you can; it’s one of the Kickstarter stretch goals. Donate enough, and you could be listed as an inmate – artistic, creative, educated, or just unlucky – or one of the doctors. Heck, go nuts, give ’em $1,500 and not only will the developers put you in the game, you’ll get killed off and stuffed in the Morgue.

Or if you reeeeaaally want to go nuts, $5,000 gets your actual honest-to-Murgatroyd self put in one of the game’s cells. “Really,” says Senscape, “it’s a virtual, animated rendition of yourself. Locked in an insane asylum. And thousands of players will see you. Need we say more?” There is, I almost hesitate to mention, a $10,000 stretch goal … but I’ve said too much already.

Senscape draws on the influences of H.P. Lovecraft and Hammer Horror to make its latest game. Asylum is already in an advanced stage of production, and Senscape just wants to push it over that final hill. “In a nutshell,” says Senscape, “Asylum will happen. But we need your help to make it happen sooner.”

So … just how crazy are you, anyway?

Source: Asylum: Kickstart the Horror

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