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Mutate Pooh Bear’s Insides in Body Horror Game Winnie’s Hole

Twice Different is developing horror roguelite puzzle strategy game Winnies Hole, which features Winnie the Pooh as a mutant monster. Winnie's Hole

Winnie the Pooh has been on a journey since entering the public domain. He starred in a horror movie where he murdered innocent people. Perhaps the next idea is utilizing the cuddly bear in a less graphic way. Not so, according to developer Twice Different. The company has recently revealed Winnie’s Hole, a Winnie the Pooh body-horror puzzle game reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Take a look at the game announcement trailer below and feel your childhood innocence evaporate:

It looks like Winnie’s friends are doomed.

If you are wondering what Winnie’s Hole is all about, here is a synopsis: “Join Winnie the Pooh on a new adventure, from within! You play a virus in Winnie’s body, capture cells to grow mutations and specialise your host. Refine his primitive form, adapt for survival, and do not let his friends contain you. They do not understand our gift… We must share it with them.”

The game will have randomly generated worlds within Pooh’s body. You will discover new cells, gather resources, and unlock new abilities as you turn into a grotesque monster.

Winnie’s Hole can be wishlisted via Steam. The title will release sometime later this year. Maybe after this launch, we can finally see some more wholesome takes on the beloved character.

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