Wireless Laptop Charging? Dell Joins Alliance for Wireless Power


Dell is the first PC manufacturer/OEM to join the alliance.

In a move that will surely bolster the Alliance for Wireless Power (also known as A4WP), Dell has officially signed on as an alliance member.

Rezence Wireless Power

The PC manufacturer is the first company of its kind to officially support any sort of wireless power standard, and the move should help spur along A4WP’s “Rezence” wireless power standard.

Having a major OEM as an ally is a plus in and of itself, but A4WP will use the partnership as a reason to pursue higher-power wireless charging. At the moment, wireless charging typically has smaller devices (smartphones, tablets) in mind. This new partnership means A4WP will be pursuing such tech in the 50W-80W range, which brings laptops and Ultrabooks into the mix.

The announcement calls Dell the first PC manufacturer to join A4WP, but it’s worth noting that there are several other companies in the alliance (Samsung, Fujitsu) that count PC building amongst their endeavors.

Rezence is a wireless power standard that uses “near-field magnetic resonance technology,” which allows Rezence surfaces to power multiple devices, and power can be delivered to those devices through small obstacles (clothing and the like). Built-in Bluetooth allows for smart charging, so minimal power will be wasted in the process. Other alliance members include Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Haier, HTC, LG, Panasonic, and SanDisk.

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