Witcher 2 Trailer Surfaces on YouTube


An “internal” trailer for The Witcher 2 has turned up on YouTube and CD Projekt Red, the company behind the game, says it’s legit.

Subtitled Assassins of Kings, the video shows off some of the changes to The Witcher, the hit 2007 boobs-and-beasts RPG, that will appear in the sequel, including an overhauled dialog system, improved combat with an expanded arsenal of offensive maneuvers and a wide range of technological upgrades and visual enhancements that will result in “some of the most realistic environments ever in the history of RPGs.” It’s a little rough around the edges, an effect not helped by the placeholder voices, but from a visual standpoint at least there’s no denying that The Witcher 2 is looking pretty good.

As for how an internal video for an alpha version of the game got out in the first place, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kicinski released a statement earlier today saying it’s just one of those things.

“Of course, we can’t and won’t try to deny the facts. The movie that appeared on the various sites yesterday presents our newest project, The Witcher 2, which we’ve been working on for some time. We made something about half year ago, to present the first playable version of the game.” he said. “Currently we are looking for a potential publisher (or publishers) for this title, and this leak is an uncontrolled side effect of that process. For today, we are not commenting on anything that concerns the game itself.”

It’s way, way too early to make any judgments about The Witcher 2 based on what’s in this video. From a fan’s perspective, though, it’s not too early to be happy that more Witcher is on the way.

Source: NeoGAF

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