Witcher 3 Writer: No-Man’s Land Region “Like a Lovecraft Story”

The Witcher 3 Screen

Writer Jakub Szamalek has offered new details about the No-Man’s Land and Novigrad regions of The Witcher 3.

Between several trailers and a growing collection of screenshots released by the game’s developer, players might think they’ve seen a lot of The Witcher 3 already. That said, what players have been shown is only one piece of the enormous puzzle CD Projekt RED is trying to craft with the game. Currently, all the assets the studio has shown off have come from the game’s Skellige Islands region. Speaking about the title recently, writer Jakub Szamalek described two other areas: “No-Man’s Land” and “Novigrad.”

“[No-man’s Land is] a territory that has been ravaged by war, through which armies have marched and they’ve burned everything they’ve come to on their way,” said Szamalek. “It’s a dark, creepy environment covered by swamps primeval forests. There are sparsely populated areas, small villages full of very distrustful people who are not welcoming to new-comers.” No-Man’s Land will be inspired in part by real world Slavic mythology. “It’s a dark environment in which there are many secrets to uncover. At times it will feel like a Lovecraft story where you come in to a small community and you know from the start something is wrong, then you discover just how wrong things are.” Novigrad, in turn, will be a city region “based on Medieval Amdsterdam” and will be the game’s center of “political intrigue.” The area of Novigrad won’t be limited to just the city, however. It will include “the surrounding forests, fields and residences of the nobles.”

Both regions, in addition to the Skellige Islands, represent the developer’s desire to create a game that, according Szamalek, isn’t just “huge” but also “very diverse.” The various regions can also be experienced in any order. “If you become tired, or bored, you can always go to a different place. What’s exciting about The Witcher 3’s main storyline is that it’s not linear structure branching, it’s actually a collection of elements which you have to find, combine and then get a full picture in your head.”

Source: PCGamer

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