Witness! Shiny and Algebraic, Mad Max Meets Adventure Time


Finally, it’s the epic mash-up you didn’t know you were waiting for: Adventure Time meets Mad Max in this fan-made trailer.

What do you get when you take a dark, twisted, blasted wasteland setting… and add Mad Max to it? Probably something along the lines of Madventure Time, a fan made trailer that mashes up Fury Road with Adventure Time.

Madventure Time,
C’mon Grab Your Blood Bag…

Oh what a lovely day. Youtube user egor zhgun has put a lot of love into this little project. The casting is practically perfect – Ice King as Immortan Joe, naturally; Marcelline as the doof warrior, shredding on a flamethrower guitar; Lemongrabs and Gunthers as warboys.

If I have a single issue with the video, it’s that Finn should have been Furiosa. He is the one destined to lose his arm in practically every reality/future/past life, after all.

So, commenters – how does this compare to the My Little Mad Max crossover from earlier this year? And what’s the next great mash-up going to be?

Source: Youtube

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