Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast has announced a partnership with Stainless Games to produce a new online downloadable game.

Along with the Dungeons & Dragons property acquired in its purchase of TSR, Wizards of the Coast is known for leading the collectible card game genre with Magic: The Gathering, as well as its considerable success with the Pokemon card game. The company publishes numerous role-playing, miniature and board games, as well as a series of fantasy novels based on its properties. Stainless Games is a developer of downloadable games for the Xbox Live Arcade, but is best known among long-time gamers for its Carmageddon series of racing games for the chemically imbalanced.

“Wizards of the Coast has created many of the most popular brands in roleplaying, trading card and tabletop strategy games,” said Stainless CEO Patrick Buckland. “We’re proud to be working with one of the most treasured IP’s in the games field in a true partnership which will produce a real gaming revolution later next year.”

No details about the game have been released, with Wizards of the Coast saying only that information will start to become available in early 2008.

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