Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition Costs $100, Doesn’t Include Game

The collectors edition includes many things, but no actual game.

Wolfenstein is returning, again! With the May 20th release date right around the corner, the hype machine is cranking out its siren song. Now is the time to get pumped about the murder of futuristic cyborg Nazis. This is when retailers start hawking massive collectors editions with night vision goggles and remote controlled cars. Bethesda is no exception here, as Wolfenstein: The New Order‘s Panzerhund Edition is a footlocker filled everything but the actual game itself.

Upon cracking open your “vintage footlocker-style box”, you’ll find a host of alternate-future relics. There’s a classified documents folder with an assortment of various maps, casefiles and an x-ray. Most of the box is taken up with a huge statue of the animal-like Panzerhund robot. You also get 14 “full-color weathered-looking” post cards you can send to your friends, informing them that you’ve been fully immersed in your new game. After that, you can sew the three embroidered patches onto your clothing and wear the replica dog tags around your neck, so you can LARP the character of BJ Blazkowicz between load screens. Yet, while you get a Steelbook case to house your precious game disc, that’s something that you’ll have to get separately.

It might sound weird, but Bethesda has a justification. “Keep your pre-order at your favorite retailer and we’ll send you these goodies separately-this way we can ship these boxes worldwide and you’re not stuck waiting for your game to come along with an oversized, expensively shipped box.”

Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition costs $100 and ships out on May 20th. Since this edition doesn’t include a game, it would be better to think of it as costing $160, unless you really just want that statue and don’t care about the game. If that sounds too expensive to you, then you’re likely not the right market for these editions anyways.

Source: Bethesda Store

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