The more that things change, the more the Nazis stay the same.

Welcome, one and all, to the first real look at Wolfenstein: The New Order, MachineGame’s contribution to the franchise that’s been kicking around since 1981 – although in its current form only since id Software worked its magic in 1992. However you want to look at it, it’s back again, and while a lot has changed in the past 20 (or 30) years, it seems pretty clear that one thing hasn’t: them dirty, rotten Nazis!

The usual Nazi cannon fodder goons are a little more tarted-up than usual in their Uniforms of the Future, but such is the nature of videogames that they wouldn’t be out of place even in the 12-year-old reboot Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The Death-robots appear to be fairly standard murder machines, although the one with the glowing red eye looks so disturbingly similar to Legion that I might actually feel a twinge of guilt about blowing it up; that likely won’t be a problem if and when I put a couple into Ilsa, which probably doesn’t speak terribly highly of my character.

It all looks like very standard alternate-future stuff, fun but forgettable; the most intriguing thing about it, in my ever-so-humble opinion, is the poster that states “Nächster Halt: MARS!” which translates into, “Next stop: MARS!” Could BJ find himself traveling to the red planet to do battle with Martian Nazis? Now that would be cool.

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