Wolverine’s Robot Boxing Movie’s Already Getting a Sequel


Even though Real Steel isn’t due out for another six months, Dreamworks believes in the movie so much that it’s ordered a sequel.

Remember Real Steel? That movie that stars Hugh Jackman as a trainer/promoter in a world where only robots contend in boxing matches? Well, even though the film is due out in October and has yet to bet an actual trailer (so far, only the teaser shown here has been released), it turns out that a sequel’s already in the works.

According to Deadline, the test screenings for the film have been incredibly strong, which has led to Dreamworks greenlighting the follow-up:

I’m told the studio has commissioned John Gatins, who scripted the first film, to start on the second installment. It’s unusual to see that occur so early, but I can recall it happening when Warner Bros commissioned a Hangover sequel after early tests showed the movie was going to be a big hit. Development on the sequel’s just getting under way, and deals will have to be made with Jackman and Levy.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about this movie, here’s a quick summary: The film is based on the 1956 short story “Steel” by Richard Matheson (who also wrote I Am Legend). Basically, it’s about an over-the-hill fighter who works as a trainer and starts to return to glory with a particularly powerful/skilled robot boxer under his wing.

Usually, when a movie does well enough with test audiences to get a sequel approved this far before its actual release date, it’s a good sign about the film’s quality. However, I’d settle for a full-length trailer with more robots.

Source: Deadline via Screenrant

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