A UK woman has built a stunningly detailed replica of Bilbo Baggins’ home from Lord of the Rings.

Maddie Chambers has built a miniature replica of Bilbo Baggin’s Hobbiton home, Bag End. The model, which took a year to make, is incredibly detailed, with a one-inch version of the Baggins family tree framed on one of the walls, a map of Middle Earth and even notes in Elvish in the lounge.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg too, as Chambers made an entire house full of miniature furniture, a well stocked kitchen and a vegetable garden.

On her blog, Maddie describes her deep love for Tolkien and how she came to build the model: “This all began when I was a young child and read the Hobbit for the first time. I believe I was about 10 and I was instantly hooked.”

“I decided to take on this project as part of a college course I was doing part time when my twin boys were one year old. The module was called ‘the importance of play’ and we had to make a toy to hand in at the end of the term. Of course, me being me, I took it to the extreme and at first I decided to make a little hill with a front door like Bag End.”

“Then I thought, ‘well, what if I made the roof removable and had a little room inside?’ Then, of course, I started drawing up plans and added more rooms and then decided ‘what the hell? I might as well make a replica of the one from the movie and make it big enough to fit in doll’s house type furniture!'”

The only way to really appreciate this amazing model is to see it, and fortunately, Chambers has taken a ton of pictures for her blog, both of the finished product, and of how she put it together. You can see them all here.

Source: Topless Robot

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