World Of Warcraft Epic Beer Steins Are Epic Win


Videogames and beer are rather like chocolate and peanut butter in that awesome things can happen when you put them together, like these World of Warcraft beer steins illustrated by Alex Horley, Samwise Didier and Glenn Rane.

The World of Warcraft Epic Collection beer steins by 3 Point Entertainment come in three flavors: Alliance United and Blood of the Horde, illustrated by Didier and Rane and available now, and the new Rise of the Lich King that will be released in April, featuring art by Alex Horley. Didier is the art director at Blizzard Entertainment, and all three artists have worked on World of Warcraft projects in the past. The hand-crafted mugs are over ten inches high and weigh about three pounds each.

The Rise of the Lich King stein will come in two variants: The Epic beer stein, similar to its predecessors, and a new limited-run Legendary edition, which will be hand-signed by Horley and feature gold-painted accents on the handle and lid. All steins come in a gift box and include a certificate of authenticity.

There’s no getting around the inflated nerd factor of these things and it’s quite possible that they are, in the words of one observer, “hugely tacky.” But they’re also awesome beyond the reckoning of mortal ken. I look at these steins and I see the kind of beverage containers from which I would be be proud to drink my beer. And I wouldn’t just drink; I’d swill. Heartily and with gusto, while singing songs of great battles and telling loud stories of the scars that crisscross my chest. While my girlfriend averts her eyes and pretends to be there with someone else.

And how much will all this sweet beer bling cost you? The Epic Collection runs for $89.99 each, while the Legendary Rise of the Lich King stein will set you back $174.99. Plus shipping, of course, but the good news is the company ships world-wide. So raise a cheer of “Ein prosit!” to the stumbling dwarf bastard next to you, then go to to find out more.

via: Kotaku

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