World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion Revealed

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed World of Warcraft: Legion, which adds a Demon Hunter class among several other features.

World of Warcraft might be over a decade old but it’s still the gold standard when it comes to MMOs, as we learn anytime a new expansion is announced. This year’s expansion should be no exception. Today at Gamescom, Blizzard Entertainment revealed World of Warcraft: Legion, introducing the Broken Isles, new artifact weapons, class order, and the all-new Demon Hunter class.

World of Warcraft: Legion takes place on the Broken Isles, a long-forgotten region of Azeroth. This region was once a powerful Night Elf civilization, but is now home to the biggest demonic invasion the world has ever seen. To stop the attack, player characters must gather ancient Titan relics which shaped Azeroth long ago and use them to seal the Legion’s portal.

Outside of new story elements, Legion will include several new features and mechanics. Perhaps the most important of these are Artifacts, unique weapons of great power. But Artifacts aren’t interchangable – each class and specialization has its own Artifact that must be found with a unique quest. Once you have an Artifact, it will level up alongside your character, unlocking traits for the weapon and character, including visual customizations.

Legion will also introduce Class Orders, which come together to fight the invasion since the Alliance and Horde won’t work together. Order Halls act as new bases of operations for your entire class, where the player character becomes the leader over the course of Legion‘s story.

Of course the detail most World of Warcraft fans will be excited about is the Demon Hunter hero class. Demon Hunters will start the game as high-level characters, quickly able to dive into Legion‘s content. In fact, Demon Hunter characters begin their story with a prologue quest set ten years before Legion, detailing a final battle against enemy armies before their awakening in present day. Demon Hunters will naturally come with their own specializations, specifically Havoc for DPS characters and Vengeance for tanks.

On top of the above-mentioned features, Legion includes a cap increase to Level 110, new dungeons and raids, and a revised honor system. Combined, Legion will likely turn those subscriber numbers around and bring back players for yet another expansion. Blizzard is expecting to run Legion‘s beta later this year.

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