World of Warcraft: Legion Pre-Patch Lands Tuesday, Brings Big Changes


The setup path for World of Warcraft‘s Legion expansion brings changes to every class and the transmogrification system.

If you’re a World of Warcraft player, you know that every expansion is preceded by a patch that implements many of the changes planned. This patch is no different. It will be bringing major changes to the transmogrification system, as well as a number of changes to every class in the game. It will also set the stage for the release of the Demon Hunter hero class in mid-August.

For all of those WoW players who’ve ever spent hours trying to find the perfect outfit for your character, the new transmog system will be a welcome change. It will make your collected items into a collection, which means that every look of every piece of gear you have ever owned will be available through the new transmog interface.

There are also changes coming to all classes. The changes are too numerous to elaborate on here, but Blizzard says that they are intended to “strengthen the distinctive identity of each of our 12 classes and their specializations.” Blizzard has posted a comprehensive list of class changes and previews in this blog post.

This patch paves the way for the release of Legion, and if you’re one of those folks who pre-ordered the expansion, you’ll be getting your early access to the Demon Hunter class around August 17, although Blizzard says that date is still somewhat flexible. You can also expect to see events in the game leading up to the release of Legion on August 30. You can learn more about those events in this blog post.

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