World of Warcraft Lore Nerd Wins Blizzcon


During the question and answer portion of a panel at Blizzcon, a young kid lobbed a lore question that Blizzard’s lore-guru Chris Metzen couldn’t handle.

There is an abundance of fans of World of Warcraft who take the lore very seriously. Not only will these fans belabor the details of the world history that Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen created, they can also sometimes catch him on a few points. During the Quest and Lore panel this weekend at Blizzcon, one such fan threw a question at Metzen for which he had no answer.

“Falstad Wildhammer will be on the Council of Three Hammers, but in the [Cataclysm] beta it’s Kurdran Wildhammer and Falstad isn’t in the game at all,” the fan began. “What happened to him?”

Metzen then asked, “Isn’t Falstad dead from Day of the Dragon?” referring to a novel set before WoW‘s timeline.

The kid replied confidently, “No, he survived, and in fact he was the leader of Aerie Peak in vanilla Wow through Wrath of the Lich King.”

Metzen had no response to that other than to pass the buck to Alex Afrasiabi, the Lead World Designer for Blizz, “Yeah, Alex what’s up with that?” The team promised that they would fix the lore error.

This young fan’s voice is just precious, and he scores points by catching Metzen on some incorrect information.

I don’t know your name, Red Shirt Kid, but you just won Blizzcon. Congratulations!

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