Even when at work or school, nobody has to stop chatting with their World of Warcraft guild mates anymore.

Blizzard is constantly making it easier for World of Warcraft players to keep the game with them wherever they go. After releasing a Remote Auction House addition to the Mobile Armory application on the web, the iTunes App store, and Android store in May, Blizzard has announced a future functionality addition that will also allow players to chat with guild members no matter where they are.

The application previously only allowed mobile character management and World of Warcraft auction house fiddling. Now, for no extra charge, it’ll allow you to make fun of guild members that you dislike but tolerate due to their character spec all day long.

The guild chat feature is included in the $2.99 monthy cost associated with the premium version of the Remote Auction House, and soon those subscribers will also be able to guild chat through the Armory’s website as well. It includes the additions of officer chat (for guild leaders) and whispers to guild members. Only players that are online can be conversed with through the application.

Blizzard may increase mobile chat functionality even further in the future, but no specific plans were revealed. The addition was announced as “coming soon,” so it could be expected within the next month or so. This is a great idea of Blizzard’s, but don’t World of Warcraft players need a break… sometime?

Source: Blizzard Forums

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