World of Warplanes Begins Global Alpha Test


World of Warplanes is looking for intrepid pilots to take part in its newly-launched Global Alpha test.

World of Warplanes is the in-the-works MMO sim from, best known as the team behind World of Tanks – which is itself best known as the game that took the world record for most number of concurrent users on a single server. It’s not the most detailed armored combat sim ever made, but it’s huge and it’s fun, and that’s probably what we can look forward to in World of Warplanes too.

World of Warplanes Producer Anton Sitnikau said the studio is looking for a “massive number” of pilots to take part in the test. “Our most important task now is to gather feedback from our test pilots and prepare a well-balanced, stable version with a large amount of vehicles and battle arenas, which we’ll be able to enter the beta with,” he explained.

The test will start with more than 20 planes from the Golden Age of warbirds, with new planes and maps added is it progresses. Planes will be divided into three broad classes – light fighters, heavy fighters and ground attack – and will feature customization options including engines, armament and ammunition types. Players will also be able to jump into a full-on career mode, going to war in fighters ranging from obscure machine from the 1930s to Korean War-era jets.

Three new regional websites have been launched to support the test: for North America, for Europe and for Russia. If you’re a long-suffering Air Warrior or Warbirds veteran, this might be just the cure for what ails ya.

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