An effort to set a new world record high score in Q*bert came to a sad end over the weekend as gamer George Leutz was finally overcome by fatigue after 54 hours of play.

George Leutz has had a rough couple of months. In April, his attempt at setting a new world record Q*bert high score was thwarted when his machine reset after somebody unplugged a nearby system, but not until Leutz had sunk a solid 36 hours of play time into the game. This past weekend of May 21 he took another shot at the title but again fell short, this time because of simple exhaustion.

“No plugs were pulled,” said Mike Vacca, a fellow gamer and friend who has kept Leutz company through both of his record-setting attempts. “His fatigue got the best of him towards the end and the number of lives he had dropped pretty fast. The one hour alone he lost close to 75 men.”

The current Q*bert high score stands at 33,373,520 points, set by Rob Gerhardt back in 1983. Leutz racked up almost 24.7 million points but it’s estimated that he’ll have to play for more than 70 hours, non-stop, if he wants to set a new mark. And before you ask, I have no idea what he does when he has to pee.

Leutz has another run at the Q*bert crown scheduled for June.


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