World Zombination Infected Trailer Rallies the Horde

World Zombination‘s zombies have superior numbers, but do you have the brains to direct them well enough to crush the humans?

Zombies have sort of an unfair reputation. Sure, most of them are mindless drones that know only hunger, but somebody has to be smart enough to organize the horde into an efficient human-slaying machine, right? In World Zombination, that somebody is you (if you choose to join the Infected faction over the Survivors). Our first look at the title’s gameplay reveals some of the strategy you’ll be dealing with as overlord of the undead.

As a massively social game, the Infected and Survivors will wage war against each other in a number of skirmish locations around the globe. On the Infected side, attack missions take the form of a reversed game of tower defense – you’ll manage the composition of your horde as it lumbers towards fortified buildings filled with delicious humans. Your influence will determine what sort of special zombies your Infected mutate into, and when – the right type of zombie in the right place will wreak havoc on the powerful human units. Intelligent use of your mutations will level them up, filling your plague arsenal with more powerful units to deploy in the future.

It’s a pretty simple mechanic, but the interplay between each special zombie’s strengths and weaknesses seems to provide an appealing level of tactics. We don’t know of any other mission types just yet, or how this will play out from a Survivor’s perspective, but keep an eye out for more – the dead won’t wait for long.

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