World’s Biggest Gamerscore Breaks 500,000


If you thought your Xbox Live Gamerscore of 46,390 meant something special, think again.

The man we will only refer to as “Stallion83” has reached a milestone with his Guinness World Record holding Xbox Live Gamerscore. Just this week, Stallion83 announced that he’d broken the 500,000 point barrier, thanks to Telltale Games’ Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures.

A self-professed “achievement junkie,” Stallion83 has vowed to never quit until he reaches a Gamerscore of 1,000,000. After four years, he’s only made it halfway there. I hope he likes Kinect.

After playing a little MySims SkyHeroes, Karaoke Revolution, and Medal of Honor, it was Wallace and Gromit’s “Tournament of Chumps” achievement that apparently allowed Stallion83 to achieve this level of artificial greatness. As for what he’s doing next, he said he’s going to Disne… play more Xbox 360.

Stallion83 recently wrote that he plans on adding some usefulness to his Gamerscore blog by helping gamers with achievements that might pose a certain level of challenge. I suppose he feels safe enough with more than 500,000 points under his belt that now he can give away his secrets. We’ll check back with Stallion83 in another four years to see if he’s accomplished his lofty goal.

Source: Telltale Blog

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