World’s Most Expensive Christmas Card Includes iPhone


The perfect gift for the guy or gal that has everything could be this Christmas card that includes a multi-hundred dollar piece of technology.

Former CNET UK staffer Chris Stevens has designed one of the most expensive Christmas cards ever, and also released a video that shows you how to make one too. The card includes an iPhone that displays the Bauble app, which shows a Christmas ball that sways from side to side as the iPhone is tilted.

While the idea appears to be conceived as an advertisement for Bauble, the card is at least an amusing idea. It’s very unnecessary, sort of like taking an airplane to cross the street. I’m not sure who would treat an iPhone this way, but for a project that probably nobody will actually take on Stevens sure gives perfect step-by-step instructions.

If anything, this card could be a clever way to give someone an iPhone. Maybe I’m missing something, but I believe an iPod Touch could be used as well, which wouldn’t require a phone contract. On a side note, the slots in UK mailboxes sure look small; I’m surprised Stevens could fit his iPhone Christmas card in one of those.

Source: CNET UK via Slashdot

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