Historians have discovered the world’s oldest Lolcat, but are sad to report that it’s not any funnier than the rest of them.

Discovered in a Seattle antiques store by Tracy Angulo, the old-time Lolcat is actually a postcard that dates back to 1905, featuring a dress-wearing cat sitting in a high chair. “What’s delaying my dinner?” the cat wonders as she cranes her neck ever so slightly in the direction of the kitchen and the source of her impatience. It seems that even 100 years ago, it was awfully hard for a cat to has cheezburger.

It may not be comedy genius, but proper spelling and grammar aside, it’s very much a Lolcat, and true fans even have a shot of owning their very own: The very same postcard was recently auctioned by a U.K.-based seller on eBay, where it sold for only $1.50.

(Full disclosure: Okay, I admit it, Lolcats are funny.)

Source: I Can Has Cheezburger

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