Worms Revolution Dropping Onto Consoles Like a Concrete Donkey


Team 17 shows off new worms, new weapons, and a new engine in this teaser announcement for the next Worms installment.

Everyone’s favorite lewd invertebrates are back. Again. For, oh my gosh, the 25th time in Team 17’s upcoming Worms Revolution. Yes, you’ll still control a diminutive army of pugnacious, bazooka-wielding worm warriors against your frienemies on a delightfully destructible floating landscape, but, this time, for the first time in a long time, the game has been designed with a completely new engine. The mechanics, physics, and gameplay have been retooled from the soil up by Team 17, the developer responsible for the violent genocide of billions of cartoon worms since we first learned to ninja rope in 1995.

Currently, details are more scarce than a super banana bomb weapon crate, but what we do know is that Revolution will offer similar “you shoot me, then I shoot you” gameplay featuring a splash of new weapons mixed in with the classics (the Holy Hand Grenade and Super Sheep are both confirmed comebacks). Basic team mechanics seem to be the same but, though Team 17 has yet to explain them, larger-than-normal worms can be seen in blobbing about in the announcement trailer. The logo also includes one, as well as what I can only describe as some sort of bulbous-brained toothpick worm. Perhaps Worms is picking up a similar size/strength mechanic to the NES’s Ice Hockey? Only time will tell.

Team 17 has yet to grace us with a specific drop date, but it’s confirmed that Revolution will be available for consoles and PC come Q3 of this year. If anything like previous Worms games, we can probably expect a downloadable title for XBLA or PSN valued around $15.

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