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WOTLK Beta: Alyx’s Adventures (3/3): An End to All Things


Bring back the head, report in on the dead, and you’ll find out just how being vengeful can get fun as !A Cry for Vengeance is unleashed.

Death knights are gathering to raze the Church of the Crimson Flame, but first they’re a little concerned that there might be some death knights trapped inside – and Thassarian wants you to report over to Knight Commander Plaguefist to help. Just in case. You knew you were going to have to investigate.

Who knew you were in for !A Special Surprise once you got there though? Turns out they didn’t find any of the death knights, but there’s a special prisoner nearby that needs executing. Should be right up your alley, right?

You’re ruthless, you’re racking up victories for the Scourge, and at this point you can rest comfortably knowing the Chapel of the Crimson Flame is going up in flames. Thassarian’s pretty gleeful, and it is !A Sort of Homecoming.

Meanwhile, Orbaz Bloodbane has got a plan that he swears he came up with “while you were out burning churches and murdering vermin”. Guess those plans from Scarlet Hold came in handy after all because it certainly took him long enough to figure out the next step in his cunning plan.


It should be obvious what’s coming next, right? First you engage in an !Ambush at the Overlook, and now you get to play courier. Sadly High General Abbendis isn’t that hard to fool once you’re wearing the old courier’s clothing. While you’re posing as a courier you can hear the frustration High General Abbendis is feeling even as she hangs out at King’s Harbor. She knows there is nothing but oncoming doom. Realizing they have lost, she hands you a journal and a message to send you on your way.


The Path of Redemption is no ordinary book, it’s a book of important plans.

They’re gearing up for one last stand. The “Crimson Dawn” is dismissed, and instead thoughts turn to the oncoming Scarlet armies as !The Scarlet Onlaught Emerges. Orbaz Bloodbane is so concerned, he’s willing to open a direct portal to Ebon Hold (which isn’t that far), where you must deliver Abbendis’ journal and warn him of the !Scarlet Armies Approach.

Highlord Darion Morgraine’s got another task for you, but this one will send you back down to Death’s Breach while the Scarlet Crusade attempts to organize one last heroic stand.


While you’re in Ebon Hold, you should notice that Lord Thorval wants to talk to you and teach you about !The Power of Blood, Frost and Unholy before you head out. It’d be wise to take him up on this offer.

He will let you know that he takes care of your blood, Lady Alistra hangs out with the unholy and that arch-lich hovering over there in the enclave is Amal’thazad, your frost specialist. Get to know these locations, they will serve you well, doubly so as you specialize into your chosen trees.

Things start getting epic right around here – the Lich King insists that you borrow a special horn, call forth one of his many wyrms and bring !An End To All Things, but mostly just the Scarlet Crusade. After all, if you’ve ruined Havenshire and New Avalon is in flames, is a little more death going to kill you?


I didn’t think so. Ten Scarlet Ballistas and one hundred and fifty Scarlet Soldiers later (remember “we can get them for you wholesale”), you’re good to go. It is time consuming, but for those who have warmed up daily on the Isle of Quel’Danas (or Skettis), it won’t prove to be that difficult. Plus you’ll get to look great doing it.


The Lich King isn’t done with you yet, as you have served well being his instrument in bringing !An End to All Things. He’ll give you a shiny new helm, point you to the west and tell you to unleash your wrath in his name.



Under !The Lich King’s Command, you head to Browman Mill right outside of Light Hope’s Chapel, and report to Highlord Darion Mograine, who vows to crush the Argent Dawn ‘just as we crushed the Scarlet Crusade’.


If you’re lucky, you’ll gather up with a bunch of fellow death knights in an opportunity to take on the forces of light. It is no surprise that the battle appears to be heavily stacked against the Argent Dawn. But wait, there are even more surprises. Light Hope Chapel holds a vast number of secrets, and we’re apparently only scratching the surface. Biggest tease ever, as I’m sure we won’t be revisiting the topic until we are at least 70.


… now who is that? You know who that is. (And if you don’t, maybe you should spend some time in the Plaguelands and find out. Lore is good for you.)


I’ll not go into it further than that other than to say it is truly the most epic thing you will encounter in your first few levels as a death knight. Unfortunately, it is also placed rather late in the story as you have ground your way through a fair number of “kill x of mob y” quests. Hang in there because I can safely say level 57 to 58 will politely impress even the most skeptical of us.

You want lore? This level delivers. There are also cinematics.

Once you fight in the battle of Light’s Hope Chapel, and wake up from passing out from shock at all you have learned, you will return to the Ebon Hold where further adventures await you. You will ding, and you will enjoy it. But much like being a death knight and being spoiled with your all too brief starting area – the process will be bittersweet, knowing that you have only had a three level respite from all that has come before.

Welcome to level 58, and at this point our journeys together will conclude once again as we will progress towards 70, and then through Northrend to 80 much like everyone else.

Now, I know where Alyx is headed – but with all these options open to you, where will you go?


See you at 80, and find out where Alyxandria ended up in time for the next expansion!

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