This stunning BioShock PC case mod will blow your mind faster than a Bouncer drill to the ear.

Call it hyperbole if you will, but this may very well be the greatest PC case mod I’ve ever seen. Based on the design of an antique radio, this Fontaine Futuristics bad boy sports plenty of imagery from the undersea city of Rapture, lighted bars at the top and a glowing “tuner” front and center, and an attention to detail that is absolutely incredible. The power and reset buttons have been replaced by old-fashioned rotary and toggle switches, and get a load of the artwork on the power meter mounted on the front of the case. That’s some seriously good work.
The case was created by Hungarian fan Mórocz Gergő, who began kicking the idea around all the way back in 2006 when he was inspired by the look of the original, as-yet-unreleased BioShock. The body is constructed out of aluminum, plexiglass and wood, while the eye-grabbing front piece is made up of a cog, the bottom of a coffee maker, parts of a kerosene lamp and a flashlight bulb. Gergő said he’s been working on the case on and off for years and is still refining it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, but I wish I had this kind of talent, or enough money to hire people with this kind of talent to serve as my underlings. I’ve seen a lot of sexy cases over the years but very few have given me the “DO WANT” itch like this one. I do indeed want very much.

Source: BioShock Centrum [Google translated]

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