Do you want to explore the shattered Azeroth of Cataclysm before anyone else? Now’s your chance!

Tearful goodbyes to the old Warcraft aside, Cataclysm – the third expansion to mega-MMOG World of Warcraft – is looking nothing short of fantastic. Now, if you want to hop in and play around in the world before anyone else as part of the game’s beta test, you have two real options: One, you can work for a popular and acclaimed gamer lifestyle outlet (like, say … this one *cough*), or you can try your luck with the beta opt-in.

“But John,” you may ask, “How do you opt in?” I’m glad you asked! It’s quite simple, explains Blizzard poster Bornakk: You’ll need a account (duh) with a WoW profile attached to it (double duh), which you’ll pretty much have if you play WoW already. Make sure you have your computer settings uploaded to the Beta Profile Settings page (the more the better; Blizzard probably wants to try Cataclysm on as wide a range of machines as possible), check the various ticker boxes of your choice, and you’re good to go!

Now, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get in, but a shot at it is better than nothing, right? After all, Blizzard is “worgen real hard” to get the beta out the door soon!

That was terrible, Bornakk, just terrible. And yet, I still laughed.

(WoW Forums)

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