WoW: Cataclysm Class Changes Coming This Week


Cataclysm will be changing the world of Warcraft from the ground up, and the classes are no exception – and WoW players will get a taste of what’s in store by the end of the week! Unless they play Paladins.

If you want to get technical, Cataclysm – the third expansion to mega-MMOG World of Warcraft – is actually WoW 4.0, but it feels more like WoW 2. Each of the game’s previous expansions (Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King) fine-tuned and consolidated some of its mechanics, but Cataclysm is giving the whole thing a complete overhaul. Not only is Azeroth being destroyed and remade, but many of the mechanics are being redone from the ground up.

While we’ve seen some of the new mechanics (how they’re changing dispels and normalizing rage, for instance) this information is in a vacuum since we don’t know what they’re changing with the game’s classes. What will they be giving us, like Hunters getting Focus? What will they be taking away, like Warlocks losing Soul Shards?

As it turns out, we’re going to find out this week. According to Blizzard Community Manager Bashiok, Blizzard will be rolling out the Cataclysm changes starting tomorrow, with three classes every day: Shamans, Priests and Warlocks on Wednesday April 7th; Warriors, Rogues, and Death Knights on Thursday April 8th; and Mages, Druids, and Hunters on Friday, April 9th. Naturally, I play a Mage and a Druid – thanks a ton, Blizz.

But wait, you say, what about Paladins?! Well, it looks like Blizzard forgot that there was a Paladin class. Sorry guys, you’re being removed from the game come Cata.

Or, rather, according to Bashiok the reason is that “the Paladin is still deep in development,” and Blizzard doesn’t want to give an incomplete preview. So you Pallies out there will have to wait a little bit longer until the Friday after next (April 16th).

I’m excited. I hope they keep us Druids totally OP!

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