Blizzard finds “no requirement” to develop another World of Warcraft when they intend on improving the original game for years to come.

With Wrath of the Lich King‘s release to millions of devotees worldwide, role-playing game kingpin Blizzard is looking forward into the Warcraft franchise’s future for what project to pursue next. Since the original title launch four years ago and two expansion packs in the meantime, could it possibly be time for Warcraft to get the Starcraft 2 treatment?

“I don’t personally think that there’s a requirement to do a sequel,” stated Paul Sams, Chief Operating Officer at Blizzard.

Instead, the studio will continue improving World of Warcraft with expansions and content updates “so long as there’s a meaningful number of players that are interested in playing it.”

“We think World of Warcraft is a great stand alone product and one that a lot of people are very much enjoying,” he continued.

Sams and company have little reason to think differently. When a majority of players who left World of Warcraft to play Age of Conan or Warhammer are returning to the product, the game has a near monopoly on the MMO market.

Blizzard understands WoW‘s position and only intends on preserving its dominance. Sams stated, “As it relates to other MMOs, time will tell what we’re going to do but doing a sequel can help kill off the franchise and so I think we want people to be able to focus on this and again I think that we’re going to be able to provide compelling content that’s going to definitely feed the needs of players.”

Source: Videogamer

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