Wreck-it Ralph 2 is in Development

Wreck-It Ralph

Disney’s video game-reference heavy Wreck-it Ralph is coming back for a second round.

Wreck-it Ralph was Disney’s charming video game-themed animated movie about the titular Ralph, a Donkey Kong-style arcade machine villain, embarking on a journey across (video game) worlds to prove that he could be the hero. Now, according to John C. Riley, a sequel is in the works.

Riley, who voices Ralph, recently told Irish radio show PTE Arena that he has “signed on” for the second movie, that is in development. Officially, Disney is being quiet on the movie for now, but director Rich Moore has talked openly about ideas for a follow-up in the past, going so far as to suggest a story-line featuring Nintendo’s Mario.

The original Wreck-it Ralph was a huge success, pulling in close to $50 million during its first weekend, outperforming Walt Disney Animation Studios’ previous record-holder, Tangled. It was generally well-received by critics and video game fans, who loved seeing classic characters such as Bowser, Zangeif, and Pac-man make cameo appearances.

We’ve reached out to Disney for more information.

Source: Gamespot

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