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The Escapist Editorial Team (AKA Team Humidor) is pleased to announce this, the culmination of weeks and weeks of thought, days and days of meetings and minutes of spreadsheet writing: the new The Escapist Editorial Calendar.

The new calendar covers the period between Issues 78 – 90, January through March of 2007 and can be viewed, along with complete submission instructions and a bevy of style guidelines at The Escapist Submissions Page.

Please know that we try our best to respond to every article submission, but that the increasing number and quality of pitches to The Escapist are conspiring to make that a very difficult job. We encourage everyone with an idea to go ahead and submit, but please do keep in mind that each issue has a specific focus, and that we only have (at most) five open slots for each. If your article idea is not selected, please keep submitting. Persistence pays off. Just ask … someone persistent.

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