G4’s highest rated show, X-Play, will expand its content coverage at the start of the new year.

Long-running videogame television show X-Play will be expanding its gaming coverage for the new year to include news, interviews with industry icons and previews. As part of the series’ relaunch, Adam Sessler has been named G4’s Managing Editor for Games Editorial, making him responsible for the show’s overall editorial focus.

New show segments include:

  • Tips and Tricks from “Cheat!”– “Cheat!” host Kristen Holt updates gamers with quick guides, secrets and cheats on a weekly basis.
  • “The MMO Report”– Casey Schreiner, host of’s “MMO Report”, discusses the latest news and trends in MMO gaming.
  • “X-Play” Gamer Challenges– Viewers will compete for prizes in an ongoing series of game challenges.
  • Demos– Gameplay demos will give viewers an exclusive sneak peek at the hottest new games before the titles hit store shelves.

Sessler stated to GameDaily, “This is the show I’ve always wanted to do. Obviously I’m very, very deep in games, and I find that many aspects of the industry that are newsworthy are very interesting to cover, and I’d like to get in the middle of it. I happen to like our show’s perspective when it comes to reviewing games, and I think we can offer that exact same perspective as to events inside the industry.

“There’s still going to be comedy. The tone of the show isn’t going to be some grave, severe thing, because at the end of the day this is video games – we’re not talking about science or something like that. There will definitely be comedy but it won’t be at the expense of all the news and the more hardcore stuff and vice versa.”

G4 president Neal Tiles stated, “Over the past few years, the videogame industry has evolved at a rapid pace. The all-new X-Play will provide greater depth of coverage, furthering its role as television’s most watched resource for videogames.”

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