X Rebirth Shows Off Its Gorgeous, Epic Space Battles


The latest trailer of the upcoming space sim demonstrates the scale of its colorful combat.

Space is big. You just won’t believe how incredibly big it is, at least not until you play an X game without the time acceleration on. After five titles and a full expansion pack, Egosoft has decided to do some rethinking on its massive-scale space simulator. That’s where X Rebirth comes in. While it’s entirely possible to spend hundreds of hours of your life as a space trucker, it’s the flashy combat that really catches the eye, and that’s what Egosoft is showing off in its new trailer.

X Rebirth‘s combat seems to take advantage of the game’s large scale. That means that ships don’t simply fly around going pew pew. No, this means dogfights that weave in and out of massive space cities or between plasma-spewing capital ships. As per X dogma, you can take command of any part of these encounters, whether that’s leading a fighter squadron, or running the show from a kilometer-long capital ship. It might even possible to lead squadrons of capital ships, assuming you have the funds for it.

Egosoft has been pretty open about the fundamental reworkings in X Rebirth. They’ve posted lengthy walkthroughs about the controls, the scale, and the trading and mining system. Besides the gorgeous new graphics, perhaps the most exciting new feature will be the ability to walk through both your ships and the stations. In fact, the level of detail is such that you can even crawl into the repair ducts on factories. Like previous X games, every bit of that is just a small slice in a larger, dynamic economy that’s up for grabs. As impressive as Rebirth is, I’d be happy if it just changed the oddly-grating voice of the computer AI.

X Rebirth is set it launch on November 15th for the PC.

Source: Youtube via Polygon

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