Another “Summer of Arcade” is upon us, and Microsoft has detailed the dates and prices (or rather, price) for its five nifty-looking XBLA downloadable titles.

You know, I think you can definitely put me down in the “fan” category when it comes to Xbox Live’s now-annual Summer of Arcade. You get some cool-looking games relatively cheaply, and it’s a great way to bypass the standard blockbuster model of game development that takes teams of hundreds and years to complete one title.

Microsoft has announced the dates and prices for this year’s Summer of Arcade – though really, that should be price in the singular, because all five of the games will cost you 1200 Microsoft Points, or $15.

* Limbo: July 21
* Hydro Thunder Hurricane: July 28
* Castlevania: Harmony of Despair: August 4
* Monday Night Combat: August 11
* Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: August 18

While I’m sure that Hydro Thunder and Monday Night Combat will be fine on their own, it’s the other three titles on the list that catch my eye. Lara Croft made one of my coworkers’ top games at E3 2010, I’ve been a big fan of Castlevania for years, and Limbo? Well, Limbo looks absolutely fantastic and haunting.

If you buy all five games, you get a 1200 point rebate – essentially a “buy five, get one free” deal – and buying three of them will get you an extra 400 points.

I’m getting at least three, I know that much. What about you guys?

(Via Joystiq)

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