Well, favorite for consumer satisfaction at least. A recent survey has revealed that Microsoft’s console is ahead of the pack in the eyes of the public.

E74, RROD and destroyed disks. Given the catalogue of hardware faults the Xbox 360 seems to have in the west, it may come as a surprise that in Japan, Microsoft topped a recent survey of consumer satisfaction.

The survey was performed by publisher ASCII Media Works and asked both owners and potential buyers to rate consoles based on six categories: value for money, variety of interesting software, quality of visuals, external design, size/weight of console, and number of acquaintances who also owned the console.

The 360 took a massive hit in the ‘size/weight’ and ‘acquaintances’ categories, but still managed to come out with 78.3/100, soundly beating rivals Sony and Nintendo, who both scored 70.6/100 for the PS3 and Wii respectively. Handhelds took the middle ground in the poll, with the DS scoring 72/100 and the PSP scoring 73.3/100.

These results are impressive considering Japan has traditionally been seen as Sony and Nintendo territory and Microsoft’s sales in Japan are regularly beaten by their rivals. This might mean a shift in fortunes for Microsoft in Japan, or it might just represent a dedicated group of fans.

Source: 1up

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