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Xbox 360 Mega Bloks Set Reveals Cool But Pricey Collector’s Item

Xbox 360 Mega Bloks Set Reveals Cool But Pricey Collectors Item Xbox 360 Mega Bloks Set Reveals Cool But Pricey Collector's Item

Microsoft and Mattel have revealed an Xbox 360 Mega Bloks set that includes a treasure trove of Easter eggs and details, but it’s going to cost you.

Shared by the official Xbox account on X, the Target-exclusive set comes with a 3:4 scale console replica, a Mega version of the original controller, and even a brick version of a Halo 3 case. Its impressive qualities get even more jaw-dropping when you take a closer look. For example, as shown in the reveal video below, the console itself comes with functioning lights and even has detailed insides. Target shares even more information about the Xbox 360 Mega Bloks set, including the fact that its controller has a removable battery pack.

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It’s a fantastic and fun set, but what’s the catch? Well, the full Xbox 360 Mega Bloks package will cost you a whopping $149.99. That’s probably less than it would cost if LEGO had handled the project, but it’s still about the same price that you’d pay to purchase an actual, working Xbox 360. In fact, if you look in the right places, you might be able to nab a console for even less, with places like Walmart offering refurbished options from third-party sellers for as low as around $120. Still, if you’re simply looking for an interesting gaming item to display, the Mattel set isn’t the worst pick.

Xbox and Mattel have worked together to create Mega Bloks video game sets before, so it’s no surprise to see Microsoft partner with the company instead of Lego yet again. The partnership had previously seen the release of a number of products based on the Halo franchise, including sets for iconic vehicles like Scorpions, Phantoms, Hornets, and more. Meanwhile, other companies like Sony and Nintendo have partnered with Lego to create sets based on the Horizon Zero Dawn and Mario franchises. Many have questioned Microsoft’s decision to work with Mattel’s Mega Bloks instead of the more prominently known Lego company. Regardless, it’s hard to be upset when we’re getting official dioramas like today’s Xbox 360 set.

Unfortunately, all of the Xbox 360 Mega Bloks pre-orders have been sold out for now. For more on Mega Bloks, Mattel, and the Xbox 360, be sure to stay tuned for any updates.

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