Xbox Japan manager Takashi Sensui has announced price cuts for all versions of the Xbox 360, making it the cheapest game console in the country.

Taking the stage at a Microsoft media event in Tokyo, Sensui stated that lower-priced Xbox 360s would be available nationwide September 11.

The Xbox 360 Arcade console, lacking a hard drive, will be 19,800 yen, approximately $182, a significant drop from its previous 27,800 yen price. By comparison, the Wii retails for 25,000 yen.

A fresh Japan-only 60 gigabyte SKU will debut at 29,000 yen ($275), replacing the 20 gigabyte model that sold for 34,800 yen ($320). The Elite package is 39,800 yen ($367), an $80 discount.

Microsoft promises to restock Japan’s empty 360 shelves by September 11, the same day Square Enix and Tri-Ace release an Xbox 360-exclusive role-playing game, Infinite Undiscovery.

Australia received similar cuts, changing the prices of 360 consoles to $349 for the Arcade unit, $499 for the Pro pack and $649 for the Elite system.

Additionally, most 360-related peripherals received $20 to $30 drops, including the headset, media remote, wireless steering wheel, network adapter and 120 gigabyte hard drive.



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