Xbox 360 Warranty Extended to One Year


Microsoft has extended the Xbox 360 warranty from 90 days to one full year. This change is retroactive, benefiting existing Xbox 360 owners and reimbursing customers who were charged for repairs after 90 days.

With numerous reports of Xbox 360 failures and lawsuits brought against the company after the Fall update, Microsoft has moved to improve public relations with an extended warranty. Existing Xbox 360 owners will automatically be covered up to a full year, leaving those who bought a system at launch off warranty. New consoles purchased today will also be covered for a year.

Any gamers who were off the 90 day warranty and had to pay the $140 repair fee should be reimbursed automatically by check within 10 weeks. Microsoft claims you do not need to call the support line for the reimbursement.

This move brings the Xbox 360 warranty in line with the Nintendo Wii and the PS3.

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