“Xbox, on.” “Xbox, go to Titanfall.” Aaron Paul is commandeering Xbox Ones with a new commercial.

According to Xbox One owners on Twitter and Reddit, a new Xbox One commercial featuring Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul* is causing some issues with their game consoles. In the commercial, Paul demonstrates the Kinect’s ability to recognize voice commands to control the Xbox One system. Of course, people typically watch television in the same room that they keep their Xbox Ones and Kinects (you know, with the TV) and the viewer’s systems are reacting to Paul’s voice commands.

The commercial is causing user’s systems to turn on and in some cases launch Titanfall. Surely, this is just big accident, but it does demonstrate how effective the voice commands on Xbox One are. Perhaps this was an acceptable risk, given the buzz about the feature it is creating.

*We won’t mention Need for Speed. We doubt that’s what he means by “role of a lifetime” anyway.

Source: Daily Dot

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