Xbox One Dashboard Video Demonstrates Features

This video should not be confused with a live demo of the dashboard, however.

Microsoft recently released a video on its Xbox One page showing off the use of the dashboard and voice recognition functionality. The cut together video, called “Xbox One Kinect & Gameplay Tour” is not a live demo but a presentation of the Xbox One’s commands and menus.

Archie Earnest, featured in the video, runs the viewer through several commands, such as watching Pacific Rim, viewing the activity feed, playing Titanfall, recording and sharing gameplay footage, switching to TV, snapping Internet Explorer to browse the internet without interrupting the previous activity, answering a Skype call, and shutting down the Xbox One.

Commands are quick. Because the video is more of a marketing video than a live demo, users may not experience the same ease Archie Earnest did, but this is how the Xbox One dashboard is supposed to work. Nonetheless, the ability to use voice recognition to record and upload gameplay footage or open a web browser without needing to stop the game allows the player to do multiple things with the Xbox One simultaneously without interrupting the game. Even if the commands are not as fluid in reality as in the video, Microsoft is clearly marketing the Xbox One as a smooth console for multitaskers. Naturally, the controller can be used to navigate menus instead of Kinect voice commands.

The Xbox One launches on Nov. 22 for $499.99. We may not be able to see the dashboard used in real time until the console launches.

Source: Xbox

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