Xbox One DVR For Gold Subs Only, PS4 Recording Free For All


“I can confirm that Game DVR features will be available to Xbox Live Gold members only,” says Microsoft representative.

DVR – recording and uploading game footage – is to be restricted to Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers only, while Sony’s PS4 will offer the same service without the need for a PSN subscription. DVR is one of the exclusive features of a Gold subscription, according to an Xbox LIVE promotional page, and One Hit Pixel claims Microsoft responded to its inquiry by saying “I can confirm that Game DVR features will be available to Xbox Live Gold members only.” Meanwhile over on the Sony side of the street, Shuhei Yoshida confirms via Twitter that the PS4 version will not require a PSN subscription. “Will the PS4 recording feature be available to all, or only those who have PS+?” an anxious fan asks. “All,” replies Yoshida.

The restricted status of Xbox LIVE’s DVR was first hinted at when a LIVE promotional page popped up with DVR listed as an exclusive to Gold feature. Though it could be argued that anonymous Microsoft man speaking to One Hit might have been talking out of turn, there doesn’t seem to be much point in saying it’s a Gold subscription feature if it’s also available to those who don’t have Gold. So if you were hoping to stream your triumphs and tragedies to Twitch, better pony up for that 12 month subscription. Heck, it’s only about $60 for the year, right? On the other hand, if anyone ought to know PS4’s position on DVR, it’s Yoshida, so if you were wanting to stream without paying out anything extra, sounds as though the PS4 is the way to go.

Always assuming you can find one, of course. Sounds as though pre-orders are going to be thin on the ground, and Christmas is famously not the best time to be running from retailer to retailer searching for bargains. Not unless you really like that sort of thing.

Source: PS4 VG24/7 Xbox One CVG

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