Xbox One Update Preps Fallout 4 for Mod Support


Bethesda announced today that the new update for Fallout 4 on Xbox One, version 1.5.205, is now “live in preparation for mods.”

Earlier this month, Bethesda announced plans to bring mods to Xbox One after the launch of the Far Harbor DLC – which released earlier this week. It was announced that a closed beta was planned for mods on Xbox One, although no specific date was given.

In a tweet today, Bethesda announced that a new update, version 1.5.205, is now available for Fallout 4 on Xbox One – and it’s preparing the game for the upcoming beta test for mod support.

“A new Xbox update (1.5.205) for #Fallout4 is live in preparation for Mods,” the tweet reads, adding that closed beta access for mods is scheduled for next week.

Mod support for PlayStation 4 users will be coming in June. Meanwhile, Bethesda recently added official support for mods on PC.

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