XCOM: Enemy Within Video Lets You Punch Sectoids With Style


Bob, does this red shirt clash with my hair? Never mind.

Were you wondering what game play XCOM: Enemy Within might offer your jaded palate, after so many Sectoid all-you-can-eat buffets? Why not chow down on this trailer; it’s a bit scripted, but entertaining for all that. I still don’t know why anyone would be crazy enough to give a sniper anything other than Squadsight at Corporal rank, but with those frog-jumping legs it isn’t so much of a concern. Besides, if you’ve ever thought it’d be great fun to punch a Sectoid off a very tall thing, today you get your wish. By proxy, but that wish still counts, buddy!

XCOM: Enemy Within introduces Meld, the new alien substance that allows you to carry out all kinds of genetic experimentation on your happy-go-lucky troops. Carving up a Thin Man’s giblets gives your troops the ability to jump as they do, which is how that Sniper manages to bounce around like Tigger with a high powered rifle – Hundred Acre Wood would become an entirely different place – while other, undisclosed autopsies give you access to useful abilities like health regeneration. The Mech Suit you see thumping Sectoids like a big bully is the high level mech you’ll be able to develop late game. Hopefully all Berserkers will go down as easily as that to a one-two punch.

XCOM: Enemy Within comes out on November 12 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source: 2K YouTube

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