Despite yesterdays reports, the new XCom will not be made by the BioShock 2 team.

Yesterday we reported that 2K Marin, the team that made BioShock2, would be working on a new XCom game; but it turns out that that is not entirely true.

The XCom shooter will in fact be made by 2K Australia, which is apparently a sister studio to 2K Marin, referred to as the “the Canberra, Australia arm of 2K Marin.” While 2K Australia did work on BioShock 2, it was not the main programming team, so while the announcement was technically true, it was a little on the misleading side.

2K reassures fans that “the Canberra, Australia arm of 2K Marin” will stay “true to the roots of the franchise” as they “re-imagine and expand the rich lore.”

Source: Shacknews

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