OK, Commander, see that human over there? Kill him. The guy next to him too.

In the revamped XCOM: Enemy Within, one of your biggest threats comes from the new human traitors, EXALT. This Cold War style cat-and-mouse battle will have you tracking down its sleeper cells all over the planet, and hopefully putting an end to its threat for good. But what if you don’t do that? What if EXALT wins? Well, Commander, let me show you a video and remind you that, if humanity is to survive, EXALT had better not win.

EXALT’s a spy organization, a hybrid of Bond villain SPECTRE mixed with XCOM: Apocalypse‘s Cult of Sirius. EXALT can muster pretty much the same kind of soldiers you can, so expect to be going up against Snipers, Supports, Assaults and Heavies; but EXALT can also upgrade, just like you can, hence the rather fancy sniper rifle that fella in the video is pointing at your troopers. Alien tech is also on hand to give EXALT an extra boost. The AI’s pretty bright too, so don’t expect EXALT to be a pushover on the battlefield.

Will there be a base assault? Well, lead designer Ananda Gupta kinda poured cold water on that notion when he spoke to Greg Tito, and suggested that defending your base from alien attack really wasn’t what XCOM was about. But he also said that “if we were to do that we would need to sort of hammer down all that narrative stuff,” and maybe this EXALT trailer is Firaxis’ way of doing just that. Sectoids in your basement? Probably not, but EXALT spies in your team? Maybe …

XCOM: Enemy Within is due November 15th on PC, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: 2K YouTube Channel

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