Yahtzee Croshaw’s The Consuming Shadow Available Now


Yahtzee Croshaw’s new game, The Consuming Shadow, pits the player against monsters, mysteries, and their own mind.

You may know fast-talker Yahtzee Croshaw from his videos here at The Escapist. Yahtzee has now released The Consuming Shadow, a Lovecraftian procedural survival horror adventure that features four unlockable playable characters with different play styles, eight different magic spells, 20 different monsters, perma-death gameplay, and the sanity system that made me fall in love with Eternal Darkness.

The Consuming Shadow is now available on Humble Store and the Mac app store, and also has a Steam Greenlight page. The title was originally rejected by GoG, but a fan has since created a Wish List page for the game.

Two editions of The Consuming Shadow have been released: the game alone at $9.99 and a special edition at $16.99, which also includes Yahtzee’s two eBooks, Mogworld and Jam. For a limited time (very limited. Like, until August 7th), you can purchase The Consuming Shadow on the Humble Store and receive the eBooks for free.

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