Yoshihiro Togashi Apparently Confirms New Hunter x Hunter Chapters in the Works

Twitter Yoshihiro Togashi confirms Hunter x Hunter 4 new manga chapters created in development 2022 return

The acclaimed and imaginative manga Hunter x Hunter has not had any new chapters since 2018, and the series has been no stranger to hiatuses since publication began back in 1998. The pessimists among us might just presume that the series will never see a proper conclusion. And frankly, that could be true. But it ain’t true yet! Via Nibel, manga creator Yoshihiro Togashi has apparently opened a Twitter account and declared that at least four new Hunter x Hunter chapters are coming.

The evidence that this Togashi Twitter is real and that the new chapters are legitimate is that manga artist Yusuke Murata retweeted it to vouch for its legitimacy.

Furthermore, context clues suggest that these four stated chapters may actually be part of a new set of 10ish chapters, enough to fill a new tankoubon / volume of Hunter x Hunter manga. If that proves accurate, Hunter x Hunter could present a classic case of feast or famine.

In any case, this manga is in a better state than another famously beloved but infamously delayed manga, Berserk. Berserk creator Kentaro Miura died unexpectedly last year of acute aortic dissection at age 54, to the shock of fans around the world. Its publisher still has not announced whether the manga will officially end or whether it will be completed by Miura’s art studio and colleagues with knowledge of the story. Miura’s estate continues to profit from totally sick officially licensed merchandise though.

Let’s all hope that Hunter x Hunter receives a more deserving resolution.

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