Use one addiction to feed another.

The folks over at Hearthpwn have dug up some interesting information in the latest World of Warcraft patch. It looks like the systems are being put in place to allow users to transfer the value of “WoW Tokens” directly into their balance. Since WoW Tokens can be bought for in-game gold, you’ll theoretically be able to use your World of Warcraft gold to buy Hearthstone packs, Blizzard games, and merchandise!

The game’s 7.15 PTR patch revealed several strings that seemed to deal with transferring a WoW Token’s balance to your account. For example:

TOKEN_REDEEM_BALANCE_DESCRIPTION (New) – Add %s to your Balance?
TOKEN_COMPLETE_BALANCE_DESCRIPTION (New) – %s will be added to your Balance. You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

Furthermore, at BlizzCon this year during a Q & A session, the WoW team stated that “They’re looking into making the WoW Token be able to be used for other services as well like Character Transfer, Faction Change, or Balance.” balance can only be used to purchase Blizzard games or services, such as World of Warcraft character transfers, Overwatch loot boxes, and of course Hearthstone packs.

The WoW Token is an in-game “item” that can either be purchased for real money and sold for gold, or purchased for gold and exchanged for World of Warcraft game time.

Source: Hearthpwn

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