This limited-edition Minecraft phone looks like dirt. Very expensive dirt.

If Mojang vomited all over a Sony Xperia Play, this fancy, dirt block-themed piece of tech would be the result. The Minecraft development team put the phone up for bid on eBay, promising all proceeds of the auction will go to a charity of their choice. As of right now, it looks like somebody’s going to receive a $1,175 check.

Notch and company injected some wit into the auction page, subtly expressing a slight disapproval regarding the past handling of Minecraft gear.

“We’ve given away some fantastic Minecraft goodies in the past, only to see it cheekily pop up on eBay auctions,” user teammojang said. “This time, we thought we’d beat you guys to it, and put our listing up before the Minecraft Xperia Play becomes available to win at Gamescom!”

The Xperia phone is an international model, so the winner will be able to use it anywhere. Bidding ends August 21, so you still have time to sell a kidney or two.

Don’t actually do that, please.

I guess I have to decide whether I really need to eat and pay my bills this month.

Source: Destructoid

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